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6.5X53R Dutch Mannlicher. This cartridge was designed by Mannlicher for the bolt action rifle Model1892 and M1895.. this rimmed cartridge was discontinued after WWII. this cartridge hung on for sporting purpose. Disclaimer. We strive to manufacture this product as close to original specifications as possible 6.5x53Rmm Dutch Mannlicher. The Geweer M95, most commonly known as the 6.5x53Rmm Dutch Mannlicher, was adapted by the armed forces of the Netherlands in 1895. The initial production for the Dutch was done by Steyr and then moved to Hemburg Zaandam in the Netherlands. A total production of approximately 470,000 rifles were manufactured

Tag Archives: 6.5x53R. Friday 20 January 2017 · 18:07 Forming Cases for the 6.5x53mmR Dutch (or Romanian) Mannlicher cartridge, used in the M1895 Dutch rifle UPDATED slightly. I read up on the process and started. I found most of the pitfalls. Please read the entire article prior to beginning the process. I wrote this more or less as a log of. The early ball cartridges nr.1S had headstampmarkings at 12- and 6 o'clock. From 1921 also at 3- and 9 o'clock. The headstamp gave information about production-year (12 o'clock), code letter for the brass supplier (6 o'clock), production date (3 o'clock) and powder lot (9 o'clock). The M.95 rifle was loaded with a five round clip

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Srovnání cen 6,5x54R Russian 6,5x53R. Nejlevnější e-shop Army shop Armik.cz. Cena 46 Kč! Zboží za akční ceny, slevy. Nakupuj levně Main Menu. User Menu. Nepřihlášen. Přihlášení; Zapomenuté heslo; První světová válka; Druhá světová válka; Studená válk 6.5x58 Rimmed Sauer. This case was developed for the Sauer made Drilling and Combination Guns. It is the longest tapered rimmed case. . Currently the ammunition is still loaded in Europe.There is no US company making ammunition nor brass casing.. By American standard the 6.5x5R is less powerful that the 25/35

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Calibre : .256 Mannlicher - 6,5x53R. Belle carabine d'approche construite par John DICKSON & Son à Édimbourg sur une action Mannlicher mod. 1892 produite par Waffenfabrik-Gesellschaft à Steyr en 1893. Ce système est l'ainé du fameux Schönauer et utilise un mécanisme de culasse identique associé à un magasin simple colonne alimenté par. Bertram Brass 6.5x53R Formed Unprimed Box of 20. $75.99. Out of stock. Item #: BM290. $3.80 per round. No image available. QUALITY CARTRIDGE BRASS 6.5x53R DUTCH UNPRIMED 20/BAG. $53.99. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery Srovnání cen 6,5x54R Russian 6,5x53R. Nejlevnější e-shop Army shop Armik.cz. Cena 48 Kč! Zboží za akční ceny, slevy. Nakupuj levně 5. Now, the only sizing left is the shoulder, which is still a bit long. I found using the 6.5x54MS dies made the cartridge 'look' right, but didn't sufficiently set the shoulder back to chamber freely. After I purchased the MS dies, I heard the 6.5×53 Mannlicher-Carcano dies are a better fit

6.5x53R Dutch in Clip $ 31.99 - $ 35.99. Set of five 6.5×53 Dutch dummy rounds / snap caps / fake bullets in a Danish clip. Options: Clear: 6.5x53R Dutch in Clip quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Categories: 6.5x53 Dutch, 6.5x53 Dutch, 6.5x53 Dutch, Romania, The. I've 44 re-formed .303 British cases and 37 Bertram 6.5x53R cases to work with. The Hornady 6.5mm 160 gr SP is a splendid bullet for use, but shall be going with a cast bullet for plinking n' general woods loafing use. Most likely the Lyman 266469, 140 gr GC bullet - and I know a fella that's able to make some of these (when not out trapping) Set of five 6.5x53mmR (6.5x53R Dutch) dummy rounds or s nap caps.This was the standard rifle cartridge of the Romanian military from 1893-1938 and for the Dutch from 1895-1945

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Detail nalezeného předmětu - Manlicher - Schönauer (6,5x53r). Manlicher - Schönauer, vojenský, civil poloplášť Strojem vysypané, vyleštěn Well, it's official. I'm outa town on business so the better 2/3's sent off the check for a 6.5x53R Dutch carbine for a small game rifle. The dies are on order. Reckon it's time for a mold. Find some .303's to form. Got a cruise missile mold but think it'll be too long. We'll see. Can't wait try try out some paper patches just 'cause you never know Caliber is 6.5.53 Item:3307022 Steyr 1895 Dutch 6.5X53R Mannlicher For Sale at GunAuction.com Home | Registration | Become a Seller | Appraisals | Sell an Item | Help & Inf S-56603. Group X Carbide*. 349.98. call. Stocking levels subject to change. Some Special Order (S.O.) die sets are in stock. If we have to backorder expect 90-120 days for delivery. Once you place an order it cannot be cancelled or returned for credit. Please acknowlege you agree to these terms when you place your order or it may not be processed similar caliber, such as the 6 60 mm US Navy, 6 5 54 mm Mannlicher Schonauer, 6 5 53mmR Dutch Mannlicher, 6 5 52 mm Carcano and 6 5 50 mm Arisaka. The Swedish - Norwegian The 7.62 53mmR also known as the 7.62 53mmR Finnish rifle cartridge is a Finnish design based on the Russian 7.62 54 mm R round dating back to 1891. After Austrian Army used the 6 5 54 Mannlicher Schonauer cartridge in.

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The work did by the Italians with their various case designs gave rise to nearly all the other 6,5mm military cases developed during this period. A version of the M1890 case was adopted by Mannlicher, which became the 6,5x53R model M93 Romanian/M95 Dutch Mannlicher. This in turn led to a rimless version, namely the 6,5x54 Mannlicher Schoenauer At the start of WW1 in 1914 Steyr was working on the last Romanian contract and their warehouse contained 75,000 Md.1893 Mannlicher rifles. Many were only partially complete. The completed rifles were issued in their original 6.5x53R caliber under the designation '6.5mm M.93 Rumanisches Repetier Gewehr Today 6.5x53R is a handloading or custom order proposition and the cost of one en bloc clip is about equal to the rifle's 1952 price. The influx of German 98k rifles following WWII prompted a steady, if not profuse, supply of American-made 8x57 Mauser ammo in hunting configuration, while the flood of Japanese 6.5 mm and 7.7 mm rifle bring. The rimless 6.5x54 mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer (abbr. M-S) case has a head diameter of 0.452-0.453, and the rotary magazine is very case-specific, one reason few Greek rifles were rebarreled to.

6,5-284; 6,5 Grendel; 6,5 mm Remington Magnum; 6,5 × 47 Lapua; 6,5 × 50 mm Arisaka; 6,5 × 52 Mannlicher-Carcano; 6,5 × 53R Dutch (6.5x53R Mannlicher and .256 Mannlicher) 6,5 × 54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer (a.k.a. 6.5x53 Rimless) 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser; 6,5 × 68 (nesprávne nazývaný aj 6.5 × 68 RWS, 6.5 × 68 Schüler alebo 6.5 × 68 Von. Hallo LeuteHat jemand von euch Daten zum Laden der 6,5x53R? Auch hätte ich Interesse an 20 Hülsen dieses Kalibers. Vlt hat ja jemand zufällig ein paar Hülsen am besten mit Boxerzündung über oder jemand hat eine Umformmatrize von 303 Britisch au One oddity is the .256 Mannlicher naming convention and the 6,5×54 versus the 6,5x53R as people seem to refer to both as the 256 Mannlicher however my understanding is it refers to the rimmed variant only. /d. Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked

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munitions rares neuves et rechargeables.lot de 05 munitions 577/450 martini henryLot de 12 munitions 380 BULLDOG Lot de 12 munitions 38 COLT SHORT Lot de 12 munitions 38 COLT LONG lot de 10 munitions rechargeables 30/40 KRAGlot de 12 munitions pour reichrevolver 10.6 x25 R Lots de 12 munitions 455 WEBLEYLot de 10 munitions pour fusil WERNDEL 11.15x58 Rlot de 10 munitions pour fusil en 43. 6,5x53R(1) 6,5 × 52 mm Carcano(3).30 Carbine(0) 6,5 Jap(9) 6,5x52(6) 6,5x55(12).30-06(23).303 Brit(3) 7,5 Mas(0) 8x52R Siam(1) 11x60(0) 8x60R Guedes(0) 11,15x60R(1) 11x60R(1) 9,3x53R(1) 8,3x53R(1) 11x59 mm R Gras(1) 18 mm(1) 20x138B mm(0) 12/70(2) 45-70 Gov.(2) 12/76(0) Centralny Zapłon - Samopowtarzalne(24) Boczny Zapłon - Powtarzalne(65. Dutch 1895 Mannlicher No3nm (6.5x53r) Album by willyp. Photos by willyp. 1 - 13 of 13 Total. 340 Visits. Dutch No3 new model left view 6.5mm for artillery & engineers, note the long handguard & wooden cover on left side of mag. This carbine is shown w/the proper long blade bayonet issued w/this variant Caliber : .256 Mannlicher - 6,5x53R. Beautiful stalking rifle built by John DICKSON & Son in Edinburgh on a Mannlicher model 1892 action produced by Waffenfabrik-Gesellschaft in Steyr in 1893. This system is the eldest of the famous Schönauer and uses an identical action associated with a single column magazine loaded with five cartridges clips Explore 6.5×53mmR articles - Wigi.wiki. 6.5A-53mmRもともと、より正確として生産、6.5x53.5mmR、とも呼ばれる初期の帝国(英語)の命名法では0.256 Mannlicher、19世紀後半の縁取りでのcenterfire軍用ライフルのカートリッジ他の初期に似て無煙火薬のデザイン

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  1. .256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R reloading data with 49 loads. Using bullets from Lyman 266455, Hornady Spire Point, Lyman 266469, Hornady roundnose. Powders include IMR, Alliant, Hodgdon, Winchester, Accurat
  2. 6,5x53R Sortuj wg: Nazwa produktu A-Z Nazwa produktu Z-A Cena rosnąco Cena malejąco #3900 KARABINEK MANNLICHER M1893, RUMUNIA, kal. 6,5x53R. Producent: Steyr Cena: 3 500,00 z ł. zobacz więcej. do góry. Sklep jest w trybie podglądu. Pokaż pełną wersję strony Dostosuj.
  3. The 6.5 Dutch Rifle. 6.5 X 53 Dutch Rimmed. This is a rimmed cartridge brought out in 1895 for the Dutch and Romanian rifles of 1892 and 1895. It seems to be a forerunner of the 6.5 X 54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer that was popular in the U.S. but it's a rimmed cartridge 1 millimeter shorter. There were three models two being carbine and the longer.

historický náboj 6,5x53R SBP náboj 6,5x53R SB The 6.5x54MS is a superb round for deer (or anything else of similar size.) The 160gr class bullets have BC off the scale and will punch holes through almost anything. Germans and Austrians use the caliber on red stag and boar as well as roe deer. Solids from this little rifle (along with 7x57 and .303) were used by Karamojo Bell to brain and. 6,5 × 47 Lapua; 6,5 × 50 mm SR Arisaka; 6,5 × 52 mm Mannlicher-Carcano; 6,5 × 53R Dutch (6.5x53R Mannlicher a .256 Mannlicher) 6,5 × 54 mm Mannlicher-Schönauer (a.k.a. 6.5x53 Rimless) 6,5 × 55 SE (6.5×55mm Swedish a 6,5 mm Krag-Jørgensen) 6,5 × 57 Mauser; 6,5 × 68 (nesprávně také 6.5 × 68 RWS, 6.5 × 68 Schüler nebo 6.5 × 68. 6.5x53R: Warning! Notes: The test rifle was a standard issue Dutch Mannlicher Model 95 produced at the Hemburg Arsenal in The Netherlands.The rifle had the issue open sights. Remington (R-P) cases and Winchester primers were used throughout testing. Case expansion was measured after each load was fired There is a Finnish wildcat called the 6.5X53R based on the big Rooski round. So it should be easy to figure out what it looks like in your head. I think there is even a CIP specification for it though I have never heard of ammo being offered for it. Then there is the original 6.5X53R Dutch Mannlicher round

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  1. .256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Reloading Data The 6.5×53mmR , originally and more correctly produced as the 6.5x53.5mmR , and in the early Imperial (English) nomenclature also known as the .256 Mannlicher , is a late 19th-century rimmed centerfire military rifle cartridge similar to other early smokeless powder designs
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  3. Bertram Brass 6.5x53R Formed Unprimed Box of 20. to see dealer prices. Only 50 BM290 allowed per customer. Duplicates will be canceled. Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension
  4. gton (5 products) 6mm XC (2 products) 7.5x54 French (1 product) 7.5x55 Swiss (2 products) 7.62x39 (2 products
  5. Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 204: Max 39.4 Min 37.6: 740 708: 2428 2323: Norma MRP: Max 43.0 Min 41.0: 765 731: 2510 239
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  7. M-3 Reloading Die with Original Box. $29.99. $8.51 shipping. or Best Offer. Herters 257 Rob. Reloading dies. $15.00. $10.70 shipping. or Best Offer

6.5 x 53R mm or .256 Mannlicher Military FMJ-RN Cartridge. Prominent users of the .256 Mannlicher rifle were Sir Edmund Loder, Sir Alfred Pease, John G. Millais, Maj. R. L. Kennion, P. H. G. Powell-Cotton, Maj. C. H. Stigand and Blayney Percival, all of whom evidently regarded the .256 Mannlicher as their favorite arm Original Dutch Mannlicher M1895/M95 Rifle complete bolt assembly with straight bolt handle, fits issue rifles & carbines, for caliber 6.5X53R, in *Good* condition. Sold individually. The Dutch M95 was an update of the German Gewehr M1888 Commission Rifle and served with the Dutch Military from 1895 to 1945. These complete bolts will have some.

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Auch stammen sowohl die 6,5 × 53R des M-1893 als auch die 6,5 × 54 M.-Sch. von der 6,5 × 52 Carcano ab. (Die 6,5x54 ist eine über den Hülsenmund zentrierende randlose Variante der über ihren Rand zentrierenden 6,5 x 53 R, beide entsprechen in ihren Hülsenabmessungen weitgehend der 6,5 x 52 Carcano, obwohl diese einen geringfügig. The original Romanian made 6.5X53R rimmed cartridges are VERY SCARCE and I don't have any in my collection. Back in Romania I had a few fired shell cases 6.5X53R made in Romania, I had found them in some WW1 trenches from the Carpathians. — NOTE: The original Romanian made 5-rds steel clip for the 6.5X53R ammo has a small oval cut-out on.

Out of stock. Please call us (208) 263-6953 if you would like to place this item on back order. This is currently loaded obsolete caliber ammunition for rifles chambered in 6.5x53R Dutch and Romanian. These are loaded using properly headstamped cases (item #6.5X53RBERT) and Hornady 140 grain bullets (item #HOR2630) rcbs 6.5x53r dutch full length die set - sku: r56177 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Nam The 6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer became a favorite of many well-known professional hunters in Africa before the beginning of the Second World War. Included in that number was the legendary ivory hunter W.D.M. Bell, who is reputed to have killed over 1000 elephants. Bell used the 6.5x54 with 160 grain solid bullets for brain shots on elephant Contact Us. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.742 Hembrug ~ 1915 ~ 6.5x53R for sale online. The server has not detected any activity for the last 3 hours. For your security, your session will expire in 2 minutes and you will be redirected to the Sign In page

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  1. Ammunition Artifacts offers a wide selection of rare, discontinued, and obsolete metric cartridge brass. Each piece of brass is handcrafted, prepped and ready to load. Case mouths have been chamfered and deburred
  2. Description: (((SALE PINDING 8-7-08))Dutch Hembrug 1917 Model 1895 Carbine I thank it is in 6.5X53.5 the barrel is 18 in,all of the numbers I can find match, if you want more pic I can send them to you the gun is in about 85=90% condition for $350.00 + $25.00 shipped to a FFL dealer in the lower 48 Read Mor
  3. Steyr M92 Sporter in 6.5x53R (256 Mannlicher) Description: Model 92 Steyr Sporting rifle in 6.5x53R (256 Mannlicher to those English fans) a rimmed version of the 6.5x54 Mannlicher. Magazine box is fully engraved with European game scene. Very good condition bore. Greener style safety. Action marked Hembrug 1916. 3-7 power Pecar scope with post.
  4. Buffalo Arms Howell Old West and Kirst cartridge converters, black powder percussion revolver, cartridge cowboy revolver, caliber conversion cylinder, from cap and ball, converted pistol, single action army, single action navy, Richard Mason type conversions

6.5x53R Dutch Jun 18 th, 2016 at 5:31am Print Post : I came across a rather large lot of this stuff and do not have a rifle chambered for it. I'm cleaning the cartridges and clips as I write this. I have way more than I will ever need and if this stuff cleans up half as nice as I expect it to I will be selling some of it in the next week or so Rifles and Machine Guns.256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Reloading Data The 6.5×53mmR , originally and more correctly produced as the 6.5x53.5mmR , and in the early Imperial (English) nomenclature also known as the .256 Mannlicher , is a late 19th-century rimmed centerfire military rifle cartridge similar to other early smokeless powder designs .256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Nachladedaten Die 6,5 x 53mmR , ursprünglich und richtiger als produziert 6.5x53.5mmR , und in der frühen Kaiser (Englisch) Nomenklatur auch bekannt als die 0,256 Mannlicher , ist ein Ende des 19 Very nice looking Dutch 1916 Hembrug Mannlicher 6.5x53Rmm rifle - Lots of pictures Just thought I would post photo's of one of my unique rifles from my collection, enjoy - Information. Warning: This is a relatively older thread This discussion is older than 360 days. Some information contained in it may no longer be current .256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Données de rechargement Le 6,5 × 53 mmR , à l'origine et plus correctement produit sous le nom de 6,5x53,5 mmR , et dans la nomenclature impériale (anglaise) du début, également connue sous le nom de .256 Mannlicher , est une cartouche de fusil militaire à percussion centrale cerclée de la fin du XIXe siècle.

.256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R adatok újratöltése A 6,5 × 53mmR , eredetileg és pontosabban elő a 6.5x53.5mmR , és a korai Imperial (angol) nómenklatúra más néven a 0,256 Mannlicher , egy késő 19. századi karimájú központi, katonai puska patron hasonló a többi korai füstmentes por minták De 6.5 × 53mmR , oorspronkelijk en juister geproduceerd als de 6.5x53.5mmR , en in de vroege Imperial (Engels) nomenclatuur ook wel bekend als de 0,256 Mannlicher , is een laat 19e-eeuws omrande centerfire militair geweer cartridge vergelijkbaar met andere vroege rookloze poeder ontwerpen

Romanian mannlicher 6Let's See Your Mannlicher Rifle6Ladestreifen+Ladehülsen(EWB)+Ladeclips+Magazinlader / ClipsCARCANO 1938 CARBINE 6อาวุธปืนของ ทหารแต่ละฝ่ายในสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 1 ครับ คำ

.256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Yeniden Yükleme Verileri 6.5 × 53mmR , aslen ve daha doğru bir şekilde üretilen 6.5x53.5mmR ve olarak da bilinen erken İmparatorluk (İngilizce) terminoloji içinde 0,256 männlicher , bir 19. yüzyıl ağız kenarlı olup centerfire askeri tüfek kartuşu diğer erken benzer dumansız toz tasarımları A. The ballistics that brought the little 6.5x54MS a.k.a the .256 MS, its fame and glory in the Dark Continent was a full-metal- jacket round-nose bullet weighing 156 to 162 grains that left the muzzle at around 2300fps. Sir Alfred Pease in Book of The Lion wrote: With the .256, I have killed many lions as well as pachyderms, it is no weight. AE (Arsenal do Esercito)는 1930 년대에 M966,5x53R 탄약을 만들었습니다. 이것은 루마니아와 네덜란드 군대를 위해 Steyr-Mannlicher가 디자인 한 원래 테두리 또는 플랜지카트리지입니다 Steyr Mannlicher 1903 6.5x54MM Schoenauer, 1903-24. Make: Oesterreichische Waffenfabrik- Gesellschaft Steyr. Year of Manufacture: 1903-1924 (In 1924, the action was lengthened and the bolt release was changed from a button to a flatter shape.) Markings: The left side of the receiver is marked OESTERR. WAFFENFABR.-GES.STEYR .256 Mannlicher / 6.5x53R Genindlæsningsdata Den 6,5 × 53mmR , oprindeligt og mere korrekt produceret som 6.5x53.5mmR , og i begyndelsen af Imperial (engelsk) nomenklatur også kendt som 0,256 Mannlicher , er en slutningen af det 19. århundrede kantede centralantændings militær riffel patron ligner andre tidlige røgfri pulver design