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Saqqara (Arabic: سقارة ‎, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [sɑʔˈʔɑːɾɑ]), also spelled Sakkara or Saccara in English / s ə ˈ k ɑːr ə /, is an Egyptian village in Giza Governorate, that's known for its vast, ancient burial ground of Egyptian kings and royals, serving as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara contains numerous pyramids, including the. Saqqara. Located south of Cairo, Saqqara was the vast necropolis of the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis, and is home to the nation's oldest pyramid: the Step Pyramid of Djoser. Aside from being home to Egypt's oldest pyramid, Saqqara is the largest archaeological site in the country. Nobles were laid to rest here over a period of around 3500. Saqqara step pyramid is an archeological remain in the Saqqara necropolis that is located northwest of the city of Memphis in Egypt and was built 4700 years ago. It was built in the 27th century during the third dynasty of the pharaoh Djoser.The evolution of the Saqqara Step Pyramid began with an astonishing monument built for one king and designed by a skilled architect

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The Pyramid of Djoser (or Djeser and Zoser), or Step Pyramid (kbhw-ntrw in Egyptian), is an archaeological site in the Saqqara necropolis, Egypt, northwest of the city of Memphis.The 6-tier, 4-sided structure is the earliest colossal stone building in Egypt. It was built in the 27th century BC during the Third Dynasty for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser.The pyramid is the central feature of a. See the book The Enclosure of the Garden from its Origins: ow.ly/lxpp3074Vt6 Richard Copans Documentary series ArchitecturesThe Piramiyd of Pharaoh Djoser.. Saqqara pyramid was designed by one of the wisest and intelligent characters in ancient Egyptian civilization, the Vizier Imhotep.The step pyramid performed its duty as the final ever-lasting place for Zoser, it was also responsible for launching a new way for the pharaohs to immortalize their legacy and innovate in the art of architecture

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is thought to be the architectural evolution of ancient Egyptian Mastabas. Many generations before Pharaoh Khufu came to the throne during ancient Egypt's Fourth Dynasty, great Kings revolutionized Egypt in more ways than one. The oldest pyramid in Egypt, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, was the first of its kind in Egypt The Step Pyramid. It was built for King Zoser, one of the greatest kings of the third dynasty (2721-2780 BC). Originally meant as a tomb, this pyramid was designed and built by his great architect Imhotep. It was built as a step pyramid, 60m high, and consists of 6 steps; each one built on top of the other, gradually getting smaller in size as. Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids is open: Sun - Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Buy tickets in advance on Tripadvisor. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund

Saqqara of Sakkara is een necropolis uit het Oude Egypte. Het ligt ongeveer 30 kilometer ten zuiden van Caïro.Het gebied heeft een oppervlakte van ongeveer 7 km bij 1,5 km. Saqqara was in de Egyptische oudheid een grafveld behorend bij de (hoofd)stad Memphis.De eerste piramide in de geschiedenis, de trappiramide van Djoser, werd gebouwd in de 3e dynastie. 16 andere koningen van Egypte bouwden. Saqqara set in Lower Egypt, was one of Egypt's oldest and most enduring burial sites. With its first tombs, dated to the start of the 1st Dynasty and its last dating to the Ptolemaic Dynasty, Saqqara remained an important burial complex for over 3,000 years. Nearly 20 ancient Egyptian pharaohs constructed their pyramids in Saqqara, including Djoser's famous Step Pyramid 30 Kilometer südlich von Kairo lag westlich vom Nil-Tal die Nekropole Sakkara, einst Teil der Nekropolen von Memphis, der ersten Hauptstadt des Alten Ägypten.. Sakkara eller Saqqara (arabiska: سقارة) är ett vidsträckt begravningsområde i Egypten strax väster om Nilen cirka 20 kilometer söder om Kairo centrum. Området var ett gravfält för forntida Egyptens huvudstad Memfis från tidig dynastisk tid (cirka 3000-2680 f.Kr.) och Gamla rikets tid (cirka 2680-2150 f.Kr.) i vilka åtskilliga kungar och högre ämbetsmän begravdes Die Stufenpyramide des altägyptischen Königs Djoser (Djoser-Pyramide, auch Netjerichet-Pyramide) aus der 3.Dynastie des Alten Reiches um 2650 v. Chr. ist die älteste, mit einer Höhe von 62,5 Metern die neunthöchste der ägyptischen Pyramiden und eine der wenigen mit einer nichtquadratischen Grundfläche.. Mit diesem Bauwerk begann die erste Phase des Pyramidenbaus in Ägypten und die.

Saqqara Step Pyramid History. Saqqara Step Pyramid is credited with launching a wave of miraculous constructions such as the three great Pyramids.The step pyramid was constructed in the 27 th century in the third dynasty about 4,700 years ago to become the final resting place of Pharaoh Djoser which makes it the first pyramid ever built by the Egyptians The most famous structure by far at Saqqara is Djoser's Step Pyramid.Dating from the 3rd dynasty (2667—2448 BC), it was the first all-stone complex ever built on earth. It also displays an important architectural innovation for the construction of the Giza Pyramids and other later pyramids in the 4th dynasty and later The Pyramids of Abusir stand on a low bluff above the west bank of the Nile, near their namesake village, roughly halfway between the Pyramids of Giza and the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. They were erected by three pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty: Sahure (2455-2443), Neferirkare (2443-2423), and Niuserre (2416-2392) Book your tickets online for Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids, Saqqara: See 3,056 reviews, articles, and 2,789 photos of Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids, ranked No.1 on Tripadvisor among 16 attractions in Saqqara The most prominent monument at Saqqara is the Step Pyramid of Djoser, first king of the 3rd Dynasty (ca. 2650-2575 BC). This structure, believed to have been designed by a high official named Imhotep is the first pyramid and the earliest example of large-scale stone construction in Egypt. The Step Pyramid stands at the heart of a large ritual.

The Step Pyramid is Saqqara's most popular sight, but the entire area is littered with gorgeously painted tombs, which are well worth spending a few hours exploring.Although Djoser oversaw many large construction projects, the Step Pyramid is the most iconic. The Pyramid has six layers and it is 60 m high Saqqara Saqqara is the name given both to a village 32 km to the south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo and to the extensive ancient necropolis on the plateau above the Nile Valley, the location of tombs and pyramids dating to the Predynastic, Old Kingdom, New Kingdom and Late Periods of ancient Egyptian history Džoserova pyramida neboli Stupňovitá pyramida v Sakkáře neboli Necerichetova pyramida je památka staroegyptské náboženské a pohřební architektury. Jedná se o nejstarší egyptskou pyramidu; právě zde bylo poprvé použito v rozsáhlém měřítku nového materiálu, vápence, a uskutečněna idea monumentální královské hrobky ve tvaru pyramidy Said to be the world's oldest monumental masonry structure, the unique pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara is part of a mortuary complex for the 3rd Dynasty king Djoser. Created by the architect Imhotep, it is a unique stepped pyramid with 6 tiers. The blue tiles of Djoser's tomb, the hieroglyphs in the pyramid of Pepi I, and the Doors of the Cats (Abwab el Qotat) are all breathtaking scenes The Saqqara Pyramid Site. Saqqara is a large and ancient burial ground which served as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Memphis was the ancient capital of Inebu-hedj, the first nome of Lower Egypt, currently located near the town of Mit Rahina, 20 km (12 mi) south of Giza. There are a number of pyramids on the Saqqara Site

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The Magnificent Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara. During the third dynasty, the architect Imhotep had the brilliant idea of enlarging the mastaba of Pharaoh Djoser to make it the first pyramid in history. Build a monumental stairway to heaven: such was the intention of the architect Imhotep when he conceived the famous pyramid of Saqqara Sakkára je archeologická lokalita v Egyptě nazvaná podle nedaleko ležící současné vesnice Sakkára.. Poloha. Nachází se na západním břehu Nilu na okraji libyjské náhorní plošiny přibližně 30 km jižně od Káhiry na ploše cca 7×1,5 km. Sloužila jako nekropole významného staroegyptského města Mennoferu nepřetržitě od počátku egyptské historie až do konce. Coordinate. Saqqara è una vasta necropoli situata in Egitto a 30 km a sud della città moderna del Cairo.Benché ospiti molti complessi funerari, il più importante e famoso è la piramide a gradoni di Djoser della III dinastia, considerata la più antica tra le piramidi e l'antesignana di quelle che diverranno poi, con la IV dinastia, le cosiddette piramidi perfette

De Piramide van Djoser is een trappenpiramide in Saqqara, het grafveld (), dat bij de hoofdstad Memphis hoort. De piramide werd gebouwd door de Egyptische farao Djoser, de eerste koning van de 3e dynastie en ontworpen door zijn vizier Imhotep.De piramide dateert uit de 27e eeuw v.Chr. en is daarmee, voor zover bekend, het eerste gebouw dat volledig in steen was opgetrokken South of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara lies one of Egypt's most important Old Kingdom monuments, the Pyramid of Unas, whose walls are covered in ancient spells.. What remains of the Pyramid of Unas, though, looks more like a crumbling mound of sand, stone blocks and debris than a royal pyramid The pyramids are the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt and still fascinate people in the present day. These enormous tributes to the memory of the Egyptian kings have become synonymous with the country even though other cultures (such as the Chinese and Mayan) also built pyramids. The evolution of the pyramid form has been written about and debated for centuries but there is no question.

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Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Djoser and Imhotep decided to build an enormous mastaba of stone, but at some point during construction they built another mastaba on top of the first—and then another on top of the second. They continued this process until they had enlarged the structure into the world's first pyramid The step-pyramid at Saqqara is Egypt's first-ever pyramid. And the structure at Saqqara is also the oldest stone construction of its size in the world. Built in 2700 BC, it was constructed about 200-300 years earlier than the bigger, more-famous, pyramids at Giza. The nearby necropolis at Saqqara served the Old Kingdom Period when Memphis was. The Saqqara plateau hosted at least 11 pyramids, including the Step Pyramid, along with hundreds of tombs of ancient officials, ranging from the 1st Dynasty (2920 B.C.-2770 B.C.) to the Coptic.

Djosers trappstegspyramid är den äldsta pyramiden i Egypten och världens äldsta monumentalbyggnation av bearbetad sten. Pyramiden uppfördes på 2600-talet f.Kr. på order av faraonen Djoser i Sakkara vid Nilen cirka 20 kilometer söder om Kairo.Pyramiden som tjänar som grav för Djoser [1] är i form av trappsteg i sex avsatser Saqqara. Saqqara, the sweeping necropolis and pyramid field of Memphis, the first Capital of Egypt, has been an important historical site for 5,000 years of Egyptian history. This large area about 20 miles south of Cairo features the small square tombs (mastabas) of the kings of the first and second dynasties Most famously, the first king of. It has taken 14 long years, but the major renovation project at Egypt's ancient Saqqara complex has is finally complete—the famed Djoser step pyramid is once again open to the public, allowing visitors entry to the 4,700-year-old limestone structure for the first time since 2006. Following the destructive 5.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Cairo in 1992, the otherwise immovable monument. Saqqara is one of the most important and richest necropolises in Egypt. Saqqara is located about 20km south of Giza Plateau and it was the cemetery of Memphis, the 1 st capital city of United Egypt in 3200 BCE. Saqqara is a vast area, stretching about 22km from north to south and about 7km from east to west

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  1. erende konger i det 3. dynasti.. Sakkara huser gravene for mange forskellige individer, da man gentagne gange er vendt tilbage til Sakkara som gravplads
  2. The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the core of the ancient Saqqara complex. The Pyramid of Djoser is considered to be the first Pyramid in the history of mankind. According to the official version, it was built by the scientist and architector Imhotep. He built it for his master, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt - Djoser Nechericheta
  3. Saqqara was one of the largest burial grounds in Egypt and in use for more than 3,000 years. Most of it remains unexcavated, but among the wonders on show is the impressive Step Pyramid of Zoser. The Tomb was built by the innovative architect Imhotep for King Zoser in the 27th century BC
  4. Ṣaqqārah, part of the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Cairo and west of the modern Arab village of Ṣaqqārah. The site extends along the edge of the desert plateau for about 5 miles (8 km), bordering Abū Ṣīr to the north and Dahshūr to the south. I
  5. es de Pharaon. La légende d'Imhotep. photos

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Old Kingdom pharaohs were buried within Saqqara's 11 major pyramids, while their subjects were buried in the hundreds of smaller tombs. Most of Saqqara, except for the Step Pyramid, was buried in sand until the mid-19th century, when the great French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette uncovered the Serapeum.Since then, it has been a gradual process of rediscovery: the Step Pyramid's massive. Saqqara es el emplazamiento de la necrópolis principal de la ciudad de Menfis, en la ribera occidental del Nilo, situada a unos 30 km al sur de El Cairo y a 22 km al sureste de las pirámides de Guiza.Funcional desde la Dinastía I (ca. 3050 a. C.) hasta época cristiana (ca. 540) 4,200-year-old queen's identity among remarkable new finds in Egypt. Cairo — Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities has revealed details of the latest landmark discoveries to emerge from the Saqqara. When is Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids open? Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids is open: Sun - Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Buy tickets in advance on Tripadvisor. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund Flüge nach Ägypten . Stand: 1. Juli 2020 Ab dem 1. Juli sind alle Flughäfen in Ägypten geöffnet. Hotels, Restaurants und alle Ausflugsziele bereiten sich ab heute vor, um Gäste empfangen zu können

Discover Egypt Pyramids Tour Visiting the Pyramids and the Sphinx, then the older Step Pyramid at Sakkara and Memphis, the first ancient capital of Egypt to Witness the greatest of Ancient Egypt near Cairo all in one day Saqqara, located around 20 miles south of Cairo, is one of Egypt's richest archaeological sites. Home to the 4,700-year-old Step Pyramid, Egypt's oldest surviving pyramid that's about 200. The Saqqara plateau hosts at least 11 pyramids, including the Step Pyramid, along with hundreds of tombs of ancient officials and other sites that range from the 1st Dynasty (2920 B.C.-2770 B.C. Sekhemkhet-pyramid Saqqara.png 628 × 622; 117 KB. Escabaciones en saqqara-2007 (2).JPG. Flickr - Gaspa - Saqqara, la nostra guida.jpg. Flickr - Gaspa - Saqqara, un cane si riposa tra i ruderi.jpg. Flickr - IDS.photos - The stepped pyramid site, Cairo, Egypt (3).jpg. Panorama of the pyramid of Unas and temple.jpg. Panorama pyramide Ounas.jpeg.

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star-5. 62. Get up close to the major pyramids of Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza on this private 2-day tour, led by a qualified Egyptologist. Then see the sights of Cairo, including the antiquities of the Egyptian Museum, atmospheric mosques and churches in the Citadel, and Khan El Khalili Bazaar A large collection of unopened sarcophagi has been found in Saqqara, adding to the trove of almost 60 coffins recently discovered at the ancient Egyptian necropolis

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Saqqara Step Pyramid. Saqqara step pyramid was built in the era of the third dynasty in Sakkara, Egypt. Designed by the Architect Imhotep, it consists of six layers, it is considered the first royal tomb and one of the oldest stone buildings in Egypt. Complete your experience in by a tour to Dahshour Pyramid including: The Red Pyrami You will be picked up from your hotel by Memphis Tours representative, starting the Giza Pyramids Tour with The Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus.Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, which dates back to the time of Chephren and visit the Valley Temple. Move to visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser, the world's oldest major stone structure.It was built in the 3rd Dynasty for King Djoser

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Kunst Die Sakkara Pyramide. 23. August 2021 Doris Schöni 0 Comment. Jaja, viele Leute finden solche Themen überflüssig, da uralt und fürs heutigen Leben nicht tauglich. Neues Wissen ist jedoch wichtig fürs Gehirn. Abgesehen davon sind neue Erkenntnisse über jahrtausend alte Erfindungen unglaublich spannend Saqqara is a vast, ancient burial ground in Egypt, serving as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step pyramid of Djoser, sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb due to its rectangular base, as well as a number of mastaba tombs Aside from being the name of Egypt's national beer, Saqqara is also the lesser visited site of Egypt 's oldest pyramid, the step pyramid of Djeser (Zozer). Located on the desert edge (a 40 minute cab ride from central cairo depending on traffic), the Saqqara Pyramid over looks Cairo and the Nile Valley, and on a clear day (a rarity) it is.

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The Step Pyramid of Djoser. The Step Pyramid of Saqqara (Djoser) was definitely ahead of its time. Historian Mar Van de Mieroop concludes that Earlier complexes at Abydos and at Saqqara near Memphis had been massive but they were of mud brick. A few elements only were of stone. Djoser's Step Pyramid complex at Saqqara was the earliest. Djoser Step Pyramid at Saqqara. Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara is one of the most important archeological sites in all of Egypt.While it may not be as impressive or as famous as the Giza Pyramids, this structure predates them and it is vital to archeologists' understanding of the development of pyramid construction.. The Step Pyramid was built in the 27th century BC during the 3rd. Saqqara is home to the very first pyramid, the famous Pyramid of Djoser. Saqqara can be visited very easily, it is only fifteen kilometers south of the famous necropolis of Giza. It is a very extensive site (8Kms long!), It is necessary to move by car, on site. To visit you will have to pay a ticket of entry on the site, then, if you wish it. Saqqara - The Pyramid Texts Not far to the south of Giza is the huge necropolis of Saqqara, which lies within an ancient city called Inbu-Hedj (the White Fortress). Saqqara does not have Egypt's largest pyramids, however it has some of the most ancient tombs and pyramids including the Step Pyramid of Djoser which is often considered the. Saqqara, City of the Dead. Saqqara is located near the entrance of the Nile Delta, at the point where the river starts dividing into several arms, on the west bank of the Nile. Its first tombs, dated to the beginning of the 1st Dynasty, were built on the ridge of the desert plateau, probably immediately to the west of the new capital of Memphis

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The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza is arguably the most famous of all pyramids in Egypt, or in the world for that matter. Yet, this was not the first pyramid that was built by the ancient Egyptians. An earlier Egyptian pyramid was built 4,700 years ago in Saqqara for a 3rd Dynasty pharaoh Netjerikhet, commonly known as Djoser Untouched 4,400-year-old tomb discovered at Saqqara, Egypt. The stunning tomb displays clues to the life of a royal official, with more discoveries likely. During Egypt's pyramid age, a well. The Saqqara plateau has been explored several times, but still after the Napoleonic expedition. Indeed, when Napoleon Bonaparte landed in Alexandria in 1798, Saqqara was not really studied, it is still a vague area of which we hardly notice that the Step Pyramid of Djoser that emerges from the rubble.. The first exploration of the pyramid of Djoser dates from this time, it is due to General. Updated November 23, 2020. The Step Pyramid of Djoser (also spelled Zoser) is the earliest monumental pyramid in Egypt, built at Saqqara about 2650 BCE for the 3rd Dynasty Old Kingdom pharaoh Djoser, who ruled about 2691-2625 BCE (or perhaps 2630-2611 BCE). The pyramid is part of a complex of buildings, said to have been planned and executed.

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An Astonishing Revelation in Saqqara - A Hidden Pyramid! An archaeologist with 30 years of experience working in Egypt has made an astonishing announcement. He believes that he has found evidence that there are traces of a hidden pyramid buried beneath the Saqqara desert. If he is proven right, it could mean that there are many more pyramids. Saqqara. Pyramid of Djoser Named after a local deity, Sokar, who would become associated with the creator god of Memphis, Ptah, and the god of death, Osiris; Becomes a cemetery in the Early Dynastic Age, but especially during the Third Dynasty, when king Djoser (c.2650 BCE) orders the first pyramid; Many tombs next to the pyramid, built for important dignitarie Apart from its eroding pyramids, Saqqara was known, by contrast, for its subterranean caverns, which locals raided for mummies to use as fertilizer and tourists ransacked for souvenirs. Looters. Sakkara is best known for the Step Pyramid, the oldest known of Egypt's 97 pyramids. It was built for King Djoser of the 3rd Dynasty by the architect and genius Imhotep, who designed it and its surrounding complex to be as grand as it was unique and revolutionary. Imhotep was the first to build stone tombs in honor of the king's majesty

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The Pyramid of Djoser . The Pyramid of Djoser is without doubt the most famous landmark at Saqqara. Comprising six mastabas (flat-roofed tombs synonymous with the First and Second Dynasties) of decreasing size stacked one on top of the other, the pyramid has a unique stepped appearance Saqqara Pyramids- Must-See Sights when You Visit Egypt Pyramid. Remember, exploring is not all about seeing world-famous sights! So if you have yet to see something bigger than the famous plateau complex, the pyramids of Saqqara should be on your travel itinerary. Though most of the complex and pyramid range is outside of regular visiting areas.

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Saqqara is the name given both to a village 32 km to the south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo and (more particularly) to the extensive ancient necropolis on the plateau above the Nile Valley, the location of tombs and pyramids dating to the Predynastic, Old Kingdom, New Kingdom and Late Periods of ancient Egyptian history There are two pyramids standing at Dahshur, both built by King Snefru. The first ever pyramid, the step pyramid at Saqqara (below), was built 4700 years ago, but it was under Snefru's reign that pyramids became less step-like and more of the smooth pyramidal construction we think of now (as with the Great Pyramid in Giza). The Bent Pyramid. The earliest Egyptian Pyramids were step pyramids. During the Third Dynasty of Ancient Egypt (AE) (27th Century B.C.), the architect Imhotep built Egypt's first step pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser, by building a series of six successively smaller mastaba like structures (an earlier form of tomb structure), one atop of another. Later pharaohs, including Sekhemkhet and Khaba, built similar. The Serapeum of Saqqara is a serapeum located north west of the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, a necropolis near Memphis in Lower Egypt. It was a burial place of Apis bulls, which were incarnations of the deity Ptah. It was believed that the bulls became immortal after death as Osiris Apis, a name shortened to Serapis in the Hellenic period


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The pyramid is located at Saqqara, the main necropolis of ancient Memphis. The multipleuraei (plural of uraeus, a rearing cobra with a spread hood), on the left in the foreground, are divine protectors of the king. The view is across the South Court. The Step Pyramid is the first known monumental structure made of stone anywhere in the world.. Step pyramid at Saqqara is also known as Pyramid of King Joser (Zoser/Djoser). It is one of the oldest pyramids ever built in Egypt is now in a poor condition so you can not explore it from inside. Read mor

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The famous Step Pyramid in Sakkara built by an Afrikan named Imhotep. He was known as the world's first multi-genius pyramid in an arid landscape, the step pyramid of zoser, saqqara, egypt - saqqara pyramids stockfoto's en -beelden stockillustraties, clipart, cartoons en iconen met historische kaart van caïro en omgeving, egypte, lithografie, 1897 gepubliceerd - saqqara pyramid Browse 1,010 saqqara pyramids stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. step pyramid of djoser in saqqara, egypt - saqqara pyramids stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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Trappyramide van Sakkarah E 54. De trappyramide van Sakkarah (titel op object) Egypte (serietitel), RP-F-1997-27-54.jpg. Pyramid at Dahshour LCCN2004707266.jpg. Pyramid at Dahshour LCCN2004707266.tif. Djoser Pyramid - 1900.jpg. Piramide van Sakkara in Egypte Pyramide de Sakkara (titel op object), RP-F-F01141-AC.jp Saqqara is a large ancient burial complex best-known for the famous Pyramid of Djoser, or Step Pyramid, the first Egyptian pyramid dating back to 2649-2575 BC. Its unique stepped design is very different from a regular pyramid but hey, this was the first one and an innovation at the time Day Trips in Cairo: Check out 110 reviews and photos of Viator's 9 Hrs Experience Pyramids of Giza Dahshur Sakkara and Memphis incl Camel c9587f36-454f-4b8d-b828-f210028163b9 product_detai Plan Egypt Tours guide will pick you up from your hotel, start an exciting adventure Tours, Scab a mélange of history in Dahshur, scout Red and Bent Pyramid the most famous pyramids at Dahshur area, then proceed to Sakkara, be a witness for the glory of the Step Pyramid of Zoser ( Sakkara Pyramid), relax and have your lunch at a local restaurant, next move to Pyramids of Giza, Scout Cheops. The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser. The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser (also spelled Zozer) was built during the Third Dynasty (ca. 2800 B.C.) in what is now Saqqara, Egypt.Djoser's Step Pyramid is generally considered the first tomb in Egypt to be built entirely of stone