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Which is the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p? According to the mintage figures provided by the Royal Mint, the 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p and Flopsy Bunny 50p coins are tied for the rarest with a mintage of 1,400,000 each! Compared with the largest mintage of the series of 25,000,000 for the Benjamin Bunny 50p, it is clear to see why these 2 coins are at the top in terms of rarity To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter, the Royal Mint have released this 50p to celebrate Beatrix herself. Designed by Emma Noble, the coin includes elements that celebrate Beatrix as the artist behind some of the best-loved characters in children's literature along with the nostalgic font used for the inscription This increase in popularity had an effect on the mintage figures with Tom Kitten being the least at 9,500,000 and Benjamin Bunny having the most at a whopping 25,000,000. A further 4 Beatrix Potter 50p coins were released in 2018 and these were Peter Rabbit 50p, Flopsy Bunny 50p, Mrs Tittlemouse 50p, and The Tailor of Gloucester 50p. With the exception of Tailor of Gloucester, the other 3 coins were the lowest mintage of the series Beatrix Potter 50p Coins Information, mintage figures and approximate values for the Beatrix Potter 50p coins released in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Click a coin for more information

Collectors who have held on to their 2018 Beatrix Potter 50ps will be delighted to see that these coins have lower mintages than any of the previous Beatrix Potter coins issued in 2016 and 2017. In fact, three out of the four Beatrix Potter 50ps released in 2018 are even rarer than the 2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p - previously thought of as the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p in circulation Beatrix Potter 50p coin information, mintage figures and values for all Beatrix Potter coins released by The Royal Mint since 2016. New coins released each year for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. SET OF 2017 X MAS COLOURED BEATRIX POTTER 50P COINS + FREE 2016 PETER RABBIT 50P

Design: 2018 Beatrix Potter Flopsy Bunny 50p Quality: Circulation Mintage: 1,400,000 Guide Price: £3.25 (before mintage figures release on 14/10/2019) Price Change: Collector value is likely to increas Beatrix Potter 50p Coins, celebrate the magic of Beatrix Potter's classic tales with the Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection. Discover the limited edition 2020 and 2019 Peter Rabbit 50p coins today More about the Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p. These special edition 50p coins were issued in 2016 to celebrate her life as the artist behind some of the best-loved characters in children's literature. This is one of the five Beatrix Potter 50p coins released in 2016 2018 Beatrix Potter 50 Pence Coin Mintages have been released. The rarest Beatrix potter 50p coins. List of mintages below. 50p coins worth money. Lowest min..

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Beatrix Potter 50p coins: How rare each coin is, from Peter Rabbit to Flopsy Bunny - and if they are valuable Others with a comparatively low mintage include the 2018 Tailor of Gloucester. The Royal Mint has launched the final coin for the popular 50p Beatrix Potter collection. The limited edition set celebrates 150 years of the children's author. Two types of coins are offered by the Royal Mint. Only 40,000 Benjamin Bunny coins in colour are available. Many of these coins are being now sold on eBay for higher values Some of the Beatrix Potter 50p coin collection are worth more than others, we've got the current value right here. Issued in 2017 and with a fairly low mintage compared to some of the other Beatrix Potter 50p coins at 1,400,000 (million), This coin is a little harder to come across in your loose change than some of the others

Mintage for Circulation: 5,000,000 at least. Collectability/Scarcity: 1 (for scale details see here) The story behind the design: Beatrix Potter related, the 4th of 5 coins. A version with coloured Squirrel Nutkin motif was sold as a silver proof only coin. Commemorative 50p coin, Type 55: (info on coin type numbers here The Beatrix Potter 50p coins were first released in 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter. How many London 2012 Olympic 50p coins are there? The Royal Mint issued 29 different Olympic 50p coins to commemorate the Olympic Games held in London in 2012 There are other relatively rare Beatrix Potter 50p coins in circulation, with the 2018 Mrs Tittlemouse and 2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck designs having mintages of 1,700,000 and 2,100,000 respectively Mintage: 9,700,000; Value based on 185 sold circulation coins. 50p Coins The 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p is one of five 2016 coins marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter This coin was previously thought of as the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p in circulation as it has a mintage figure of just 2,100,000. The tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck is based on Potter's real-life pet duck, Jemima, who lived on a farm with her. We think Beatrix Potter would be very proud of Emma Noble's portrait of Miss Puddle-duck on this 50p

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2016 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter 50p. Minted in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birthday, this coin was the first to be released in the Royal Mint's first ever Beatrix Potter 50p series. It features the silhouette of the author and her most famous creation, Peter Rabbit We also saw the 2018 Mrs. Tittlemouse claim its spot on the podium, pushing Jemima Puddle-Duck - previously thought of as the rarest Beatrix Potter 50p in circulation - further down the chart, with a circulating mintage of 1,700,000. So collectors that have held onto their 2018 Beatrix Potter 50ps will be delighted to see this! If you don't have these coins in your collection yet, now's the time to keep your eyes out to hunt down these sought-after 50ps According to our friends at Change Checker, the most scarce Beatrix Potter 50p is the 2016 Jemima Puddle-Duck coin, which is rated as the third rarest 50p coin in circulation (behind the 2017 Sir Isaac Newton and the 2009 Kew Gardens coins) with a relatively low mintage of 2.1 million. The coin is no longer available from The Royal Mint and. The British decimal fifty pence ( 50p) coin - often informally pronounced fifty pee - is a unit of currency equalling one half of a pound sterling. It is a seven-sided coin formed as an equilateral-curve heptagon, or Reuleaux polygon, a curve of constant width, meaning that the diameter is constant across any bisection Beatrix Potter 50p Coins . Data, mintage figures and estimated values for the Beatrix Potter 50p coins delivered in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Front Design: Components that commend the existence of Beatrix Potter from 1866 to 1943, with a laid out representation at the top. Planned by Emma Noble. Front Design: Sovereign Elizabeth II picture by Jody.

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There were three other Beatrix Potter commemorative 50p coins minted that year, continuing a trend from the first set released in 2016. Also minted in 2018 were the Flopsy Bunny 50p (1.4 million mintage) , the second Peter Rabbit 50p (1.4 million mintage) and the Mrs Tittlemous e 50p (1.7 million mintage) , making the Tailor of Gloucester coin. In 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter, the Royal Mint released a special range of Limited Issue Beatrix Potter 50p Fifty Pence Coins struck in Gold Proof, Piedfort Silver Proof, Silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The reverse design features Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit with the dates 1866 - 1943 while the obverse features the Fifth Portrait of Her Majest Imagination allowed Beatrix Potter to value the natural world and to share the treasures she found in the Lake District and its culture. The Soldier 50p is worth £1.20 to a circulation coin collector taking part in The Great British Coin Hunt. 9,500,000 Tom Kitten 50p coins were struck for circulation showing the date 2017. 50p mintage.

The honouring of Beatrix Potter with a series of 50p coins and this Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p is the third release. 'The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck' features a domestic duck, named Jemima, whose character is featured on this 50p coin. Designed by Emma Noble, Jemima Puddle-Duck is instantly recognisable in the centre of the coin The 50p coins currently in circulation dated from 1997 to 2020 are shown above. There were 4 designs released prior to 1997 which are no longer in circulation. There 50p coins shown below are commemorative (not for circulation) designs which are issued and sold by The Royal Mint. The term rare as used on this webpage refers to a coins.

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  1. tage figures of the 2018 coins yet! Brilliant Uncirculated quality coins are not taken into account for these figures as they are not intended for circulation
  2. Queen Elizabeth II's 95th Birthday Mr Benn 50p Harry Potter Peter Pan 50p 50 Years of the 50p Beatrix Potter Royalty Military Aviation Royal British Legion Dinosaurs Gift Range Accessories VE Day 75th Anniversary. DateStamp (TM) Home Silver and more Presentation Cases. Silver Coins. Collector's Gallery
  3. tages of 1,700,000 and 2,100,000 respectively. The most common coins in circulation have a
  4. 2017 Fifty Pence <- Click Here to go back to the main 50p Coins in Circulation page A whopping 6x different 2017 50p were made. A commemorative to mark the 375th anniversary of the birth of Sir Isaac Newton, the standard coin with the shield design and four new coins with Beatrix Potter themes - because the ones marking the actual anniversary sold so well last year
  5. ted. The original circulated coins have been sold on eBay for upwards of £200. Uncirculated coins and collectors' editions can fetch even higher prices
  6. 2018 Beatrix Potter Mrs. Tittlemouse 50p [Uncirculated] Circulation Mintage: 1,700,000. £4.99 £4.49*. In Stock. *10% off with promotional code: 2018BP10. 2017 Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit 50p [Uncirculated] £1.99. In Stock. 2017 Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Brilliant Uncirculated 50p [Coin Hunter card] £4.50 £3.50

When The Royal Mint released the mintage figures for the 2016 Beatrix Potter 50p coins, what immediately caught the attention of collectors was the minimal amount of Jemima Puddle-Duck coins that. Beatrix Potter was a not only a famed author and illustrator, but also a conservationist, who worked hard to preserve the Lake District. This coin comes in a colourful presentation folder. Mintages. The mintage for the 2016 150th Anniversary of the Beatrix Potter 50p circulation coin that you will find in your change is 6,900,000

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  1. tage Coin. Royal Mint Bunc Pack 2018 Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit 50p Low
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  3. In 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Beatrix Potter, the Royal Mint released a special Limited Issue Beatrix Potter Piedfort 50p Fifty Pence Silver Proof Coin struck in solid .925 Sterling Silver. Beatrix Potter is world renowned for her 23 Little White Books fo
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Bailiwick of Jersey 50p. The Bailiwick of Jersey 50p reverse design, by Robert Lowe, features the iconic arch from the ruined 14 th -century structure, Grosnez Castle. Located on St Ouen in the north-west corner of the island, the castle was built by Sir John des Roches around 1330. It was meant to be a safe place for the local farmers from the. The inquisitive, blue-coated bunny has become the emblem of Beatrix Potter's work, and is captured on this 50p coin - the first official United Kingdom coin to feature this family favourite. Now, continuing the series celebrating the wonderful world of Miss Potter, the second coin has been struck as a sterling silver Proof edition Beatrix Potter collection. In 2016 the Royal Mint produced a fantastic set of five Beatrix Potter 50ps. Find out here about the different varieties, the Beatrix potter 50p collectors album and how to obtain the coloured versions. Learn More. 50p Mintages. Find out all there is to know about all the 50p mintages 2018 BEATRIX POTTER 50p Fifty Pence Coin Peter Rabbit FREE Delivery Low Mintage. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter

Introducing the latest Beatrix Potter fifty pence coins in the series. The tale continues in 2018 with four new coin designs. To buy Beatrix Potter 50p coins click on this link. 2018 Beatrix Potter Fifty Pences . The Royal Mint has announced a third series of Beatrix Potter Fifty Pence coins which will be released in 2018 We use cookies and similar tools that are necessary to enable you to make purchases, to enhance your shopping experience, and provide our services, as detailed in our Cookie Notice.We also use these cookies to understand how customers use our services (for example, by measuring site visits) so we can make improvements Beatrix Potter 50p coins have five different designs Last coin, with Squirrel Nutkin, believed to enter circulation shortly Expert says the coins will soar in value as people collect the Jemima Puddle-Duck is already the most sought after Beatrix Potter 50p. Now mintage figures from the Royal Mint revealed that only 2.1 million Jemima Puddle-Duck coins were released into. Peter Rabbit 50p coin to mark 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's birth. Three more Potter characters will feature on special edition coins released later in the yea

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It was issued as part of the second series of Beatrix Potter 50ps. Mar 6, 2018 - This is the first UK coin to feature Benjamin Bunny dressed in his hat and little brown jacket. It was issued as part of the second series of Beatrix Potter 50ps More about the Peter Rabbit 2018 50p he 2018 50p coin is the third UK coin to feature the much-loved children's character Peter Rabbit. It was issued to carry on the celebrations of one of Beatrix Potter's famous animals and the first of Beatrix Potter's 23 children's tales, 'The tale of Peter Rabbit' The 2018 Flopsy Bunny 50p coin has been issued to celebrate one of Beatrix Potter's most loved children's tales, 'The tale of Flopsy Bunny'. This is the first UK coin to feature Flopsy Bunny and is part of the third series of Beatrix Potter 50ps; the 2016 and 2017 series proved to Peter Rabbit 2019 50p B.U UK Beatrix Potter IN STOCK NOW Or 50p Mintage Guide. Peter Rabbit 2019 50p. Uncirculated BU From Set. Gold Proof.. Variation 1: : A4 50p Mintage Guide: Modified Item: : No , Variation 2: : Uncirculated BU from Set: Country/Region of Manufacture: : United Kingdom , Variation 3: : Royal Mint Packaged BU.

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Other coins sought after by collectors include the Beatrix Potter 50p coins, the original 2016 Peter Rabbit coin can sell for up to £840 on the auction website. Many sellers on eBay have listed the coin for thousands of pounds - but £120 is the highest sold price for the 50p so far But now the Royal Mint has released the official mintage figures for all 2018 50p coins struck and it reveals that two of the four Beatrix Potter releases are quite rare. The third, and so far. 2016 Beatrix Potter Piedfort 50p Silver Proof Coin Box Coa - Mintage 2,486 In 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Beatrix Potter, the Royal Mint released a special Limited Issue Beatrix Potter Piedfort 50p Fifty Pence Silver Proof Coin struck in solid .925 Sterling Silver

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This item TGBCH Mrs Tittlemouse 50p 2018 Beatrix Potter Or 50p Mintage Guide (Uncirculated) TGBCH Beatrix Potter 50p Coins VGC (Squirrel Nutkin) Change Checker 2019 UK Peter Rabbit CERTIFIED BU 50p. 2018 Taylor Gloucester 50p Pence Coin Uncirculated from Sealed Bag Milner's Tower 50p. Isle of Man 2015 Milners Tower 50p. Own this 50 pence coin in tribute to Isle of Man's monument to William Milner. Coin's design features the unusual key and lock shape of the tower that pays tribute to the safe maker. Issued not by the Royal Mint, but by the Isle of Man so mintage figures are low Jul 4, 2018 - Explore Change Checker's board 50p (fifty pence) coins, followed by 525 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fifty pence coins, coins, 50p coin 28.01.2017 - N♡T. GREAT BRITAIN 4 x 50 Pence 2016 - Beatrix Potter - 4 x 8 g 0.925 silver Proof - mintage 15,000 - diameter 27.3 m

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Paddington Bear was created by British author Michael Bond with the first book published in 1958. Fifty years later, in 2018, The Royal Mint celebrated the first six decades of the loveable character with two 50p coins, and two more 50p coins followed in 2019: 2018 - Paddington at Buckingham Palace 50p. 2018 - Paddington at the Station 50p Named spaces for all 42 Coins With Mintage Information up to the 2019 sherlockc coin. Includes Spaces for the Current and NEW Beatrix Potter COINS, Paddington Bear , SNOWMAN , GRUFFALO And Stepthen Hawkings coins ; This Album allows you to collect all the 50p Coins and simply place them in to the correct spaces Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for UK 50p coins - Brexit, Beatrix Potter, Historic, Olympics & Low Mintage coins at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products 2021 Shield Design 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin The 50p coin from the definitive set depicting the shield showing a section of the Royal Arms showing elements of the third and fourth quarterings.The Royal Shield of Arms design was chosen by The Royal Mint Advisory Committee to feature on the reverse of all UK coins This set of 5 from 2016 is a good size for collecting and the 4 character designs are adorable. The set is a great gift for children and The Royal Mint know it, see the official album on www.royalmint.com - The Beatrix Potter 50p Coin Collector Album

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The 2016 50 Pence Coin - Beatrix Potter Anniversary In 2016 to mark the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter a number of 50p coins were issued by the Royal Mint. This one is know as the Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p. A portrait of Beatrix Potter above along with her name, dates of her birth and death (1866-1943) and Peter Rabbit The last coin from the Beatrix Potter Collection we are covering in this guide is the second Peter Rabbit 50p coin (which was released in 2018) The mintage numbers for this coin were fairly low at only 1.4 Million (but low mintage doesn't mean you will make big bucks!) if you own this coin the current value of The Peter Rabbit 2018 50p is. For 2016 to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Beatrix Potter , the Royal Mint released a special range of Beatrix Potter 50p Fifty Pence Coins struck in Gold, Piedfort , Silver and Brilliant Uncirculated. The specifications are as follows: Brilliant Uncirculated - Cupro-Nickel. Weight: 8.00 Grams

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Own the UK 2019 Peter Rabbit BU 50p Coin Pack £10.00 More details. Secure your collecting pack for the 2018 Beatrix Potter 50p coins £3.99 More details. While stocks last - Own the Complete 2017 Beatrix Potter 50p Series £18.00 More details. 2017 Peter Rabbit Circulation 50p £3.50 More details Peter Rabbit 2019 50p B.U UK Beatrix Potter IN STOCK NOW Or 50p Mintage Guide UNCIRCULATED condition, Bank of Scotland £100 banknote, 2018 007 JAMES BOND ALPHABET A-Z 10p TUXEDO CUSTOM CASE LIMITED TO ONLY 1962, Bhutan Banknote P34a 1000 Ngultrum 2008 UNC , 2 x 2012 Olympic 50p Full Sets Of 29 Coins Complete With Display Tray The London Coin Company have compiled a list of official Royal Mint Mintage Figures for 50p Fifty Pence Coins issued into circulation: 1969 Britannia - 188,400,000 1970 Britannia - 19,461,50 Beatrix Potter 50p Coins Released To Mark 150 Years Since Author's Birth combines information on mintage and collecting and swap data to rank different 50p pieces on how collectible - and. A 'rare' 50p coin from the Beatrix Potter series is being sold on eBay for an astronomical price. A seller from the UK is flogging the Benjamin Bunny commemorative coin for an eye watering £13,213

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The British Fifty Pence (50p) is a 7-sided coin that was introduced in October 1969 as part of the decimalisation of the British currency. It replaced the 10 shilling note, both being equivalent to half of one pound (£0.50). It was resized in 1997. There's about one billion 50p pieces in current circulation 2021 Team GB Olympics Tokyo 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Paying tribute to the inspirational athletes who pave the way for others on the world stage. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being postponed, this coin has been re-issued for 2021 and is tipped to be the most sought after coin of the year. The reverse of this 20

To mark 150 years since the author's birth, Beatrix Potter's much-loved bunny becomes the first character from children's literature to appear on a UK coi Maximum mintage of up to 5,000 coins. Features color-printed detail. Obverse: Portrays the fifth effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Reverse: Features an iconic, original Beatrix Potter illustration of Peter Rabbit. Guaranteed by The Royal Mint. Protect your capsules from fingerprints by adding these cotton gloves to your order Mintage for Circulation: Not yet known. Collectability/Scarcity: 1 (for scale details see here) The story behind the design: Another Beatrix Potter themed coin, The Tailor of Gloucester. These coins appeared in circulation during 2018. Commemorative 50p coin, Type 66: (info on coin type numbers here) Obverse Type (bust design by (Mr) Jody Clark. The rarest 50p coins produced in 2018 featured the Beatrix Potter characters Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Bunny - each with a mintage of 1.4 million. The Royal Mint said one of the most. A RARE Beatrix Potter 50p coin has sold for £430 on eBay - that's 860 times its original value. The coin features an illustration of Mrs Tittlemouse, a super tidy mouse who liked to constantly. Achetez Tailor of Gloucester 50p 2018 Beatrix Potter Or 50p Mintage Guide (Cheap & Cheerful) : Jeux et Jouets : Amazon.fr Livraison gratuite possible dès 25